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The Story of Qin Ju and Ermo

Introduction The essay is a comparison of two major films, ‘The Story of Qin Ju’ released back in 1992 and ‘Ermo’ released in 1994. It is worth noting that both the films are of Chinese background. The two are under the genre comedy drama films directed Zhang Yimou (The story of Qin Ju) and Zhou Xiaowen (Ermo).Advertising We will write a custom term paper sample on The Story of Qin Ju and Ermo specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The two films have two female protagonists developing different themes as well as other characters. Concerning ‘The story of Qin Ju’, the main actress Qin Ju although she is expectant and she was in her last trimester could not burry her head in the sand after seeing her husband kicked several times in the groin. She decided to visit the town and face the bureaucratic system of justice in her city. Through several appeal, Qin Ju secured justice. However, when she was abo ut to deliver, she experienced some complication. Her husbands went ahead to wake the village head who later saved her life as Qin Ju was taken to the hospital and safely delivered a baby boy. Officials came to the village and took an x-ray of Qin Ju husband which later showed that he had a broken rib. The headman was taken to jail for a period of fifteen days. Her efforts of trying to block this did not yield any fruit. Ermo on the other hand is about a Chinese woman, Ermo who is hard working. Since her husband who was a chief suffers from a health complication that prevent him from undertaking any meaningful duties, she is responsible for taking care of him and their child by selling noodles. However Ermo is in some sort of competition and jealous with her neighbour who has a television set although no child. This means that every other child including Ermo’s son would wish to be in that family. For this reason she went an extra mile working outside her village so that she could afford the biggest television set ever seen in the village. Her quest of owning such a TV has ruined her family. Ideally, the culture of Chinese people is being washed away by westernization.Advertising Looking for term paper on art and design? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Similarities between the protagonists A critical analysis of these two films clearly leaves the viewer with some incidences that are similar to both the protagonists; Qin Ju and Ermo. First and foremost, both the actresses are fully performing the duties of a woman based on the Chinese culture. We are told for instance from the onset that Qin Ju was not only living with her husband and their father but also with her sister. This is a clear indication that she performed her duties as a woman to ensure that the bond between family members is strong. Additionally, it is evident enough that she is performing her duties as a woman when she was pregnant f or her husband. Similarly, Ermo acts on the similar position as Qin Ju. This is exemplified by the fact that since her husband who was a village head got sick and could not do any meaningful work, she took the mantle and engaged herself in selling noodles so that she could take care of her family. Her family constituted the ailing husband and their only son. According to Chinese culture, it is rare to see a woman buying medicine for her husband which Ermo does. This depicts the love and care she has to her family. The same is also the case with Qin Ju who went to the bitter end trying to ensure that her husband’s case is satisfactorily handled. However it is quite odd for the women to take roles that are reserved for men for instance providing and taking care of the family (Ermo) and fighting for justice as in the case of Qin Ju. In my view, both female protagonists depict the new phase of China. Although both are women who are supposed to assume duties and responsibilities t hat opt to fit their gender, they went and extra mile in ensuring that justice is served and the family acquires material things; that is for Qin Ju and Ermo respectively. We see that Qin Ju struggled so much to ensure that justice is done for her husband who was kicked mercilessly on the groin by the village headman. She was determined to take the pain and scolding provided her husband’s case is treated to her satisfaction; this is despite the fact that she was pregnant and was about to deliver.Advertising We will write a custom term paper sample on The Story of Qin Ju and Ermo specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Ermo reflects the new China depicted by the financial independence and empowerment she has this fills the role of old China which is represented by her ailing husband who was once a chief. The bottom line when considering these two characters is that they are determined and are very hard working. Additionally the tw o protagonists come from a poor background. This I mean in terms of finances. For instance when Qin Ju was travelling to the city she had to sell on several occasion dried hot pepper so that they could raise bus fare. Similarly, Ermo who was obsessed with the desire to buy a big TV had no money and she was compelled to continue selling her noodles outside her village. I can also say that the two women exhibited high standards of morality. There is no incident that Qin Ju has been shown to engage in extra marital affairs or disrespect her husband. On the same note, although Ermo husband was impotent due to sickness, she did not give in to the sexual advances she received from the ‘Blind man’. Ideally the two female protagonists are vehicle of change (political, cultural and social) that China will experience in future. Differences between the protagonists Although there are similarities between the two main actresses of the films; there are some differences between them. One such difference is with regards to what drove their action. For Ermo, it is evident that it was jealous that drove her to acquire a television set that is huge and very expensive for her family. Viewers understand that her quest to buy a TV is purely as a result of her neighbour acquiring one. This leaves Ermo to be seen as a materialist and jealous person. This leaves her to be branded a greedy person since it is rumoured that the TV she wants to buy is so expensive that even the country leader cannot afford. On the other hand, Qin Ju fight for justice is purely guided by injustice done to her husband by the village headman. She considers this to be uncouth and against fundamental human rights and she believes that if nothing is done then the same will repeat itself in future.Advertising Looking for term paper on art and design? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Similarly, it is worth noting that the actions of the two lead to different outcomes. For instance, the desire of Ermo to go to the city and engage in activities that will earn her more money has jeopardized her relationship with her family. On the other hand, the relationship between Qin Ju and her family has indeed grown stronger. This is because her husband has realized that she cares for him so much that she sought justice for him through the right path. It is worth mentioning that while Ermo did not get the satisfaction she desired Qin Ju was at the end of the day satisfied. However, she was unable to prevent the police from taking the village head to jail for fifteen days as she believed he was the one who saved her life that fateful night when she was in labour pains. There are several differences between these female protagonists in the films, from my own analysis the character Qiu Ju from the film The Story of Qiu Ju, is tolerant and very persistent, while Ermo, from the fi lm Ermo is not tolerant but hasty and over ambitious. The tolerant nature of Qiu Ju is portrayed in the film from the moment her husband was injured by the political leader. She opts to follow her heart thus ensure that her demands are taken care of thus providing her ailing husband with the proper treatment that she would ever offer to him, this is when she swore to the politician that she will take him to court for his action. While Ermo is intolerant when she conducts her activities as a result of competition and pride, this is when she said to Blindman that she will buy a bigger TV set than his and it will be the envy of the village. Conclusion From the review of the two films; the story of Qin Ju and Ermo, it is evident that they are Chinese comedy drama films. The story line is about Chinese women who are striving to make the lives of their families’ better one by fighting for justice while the other aimed at acquiring material things, TV set. It is worth noting that th e two female protagonists have a lot in common for instance they are hard-working, determined as well as being the face of change in China. However, they do exhibit differences for instance Ermo is materialistic while Qin Ju is not, the driving force for their actions are totally different as Ermo is driven by jealousy and greed while Qin Ju is driven by the desire to fight for justice. Works Cited Ermo. Dir. Zhou Xiaown. Prod. Chen Kunming Jimmy Tan. DVD. Sony Pictures Classics, 1994. The Story of Qin Ju. Dir. Yimou Zhang. Prod. Yiting Feng Kwok ma Fung. DVD. Sony Pictures Classics, 1992. This term paper on The Story of Qin Ju and Ermo was written and submitted by user Kieran Sloan to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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the fbi essays

the fbi essays The FBI or Federal Bureau of Investigation has been protecting the United States public for almost a hundred years. Whether it be in the lawless 20s or the Post Watergate era the FBI was still ensuring domestic security. This paper will show how the FBI throughout history has insured the Domestic Tranquillity in the United States and has insured that its Officers are the cleanest Americans and some of the more educated Americans do to the application process. The application process of the FBI is very difficult first you have never had anything to do with drugs i.e. selling, being a convicted drug offender. But they are leaneint on the use of marijuana their policy is no using more than 15 times in your life or use of it 3 years prior to applying to the FBI. An applicant who has sold any illegal drug for profit at any time will be found unsuitable for employment.1 This allows the FBI to have no corrupt agents coming in. The FBI has a special honorship internship program. The Honors Internship Program will begin approximately on the first Monday in June and will terminate approximately on the third Friday in August.2 This just happens to fall into the FBIs application window also. All expenses for Interns traveling to and from Washington, D.C. to participate in this program will be reimbursed by the FBI.3 This makes for a easier descision for a intern to come to Washington D.C just knowing that all of their travel expenses to and from Washington D.C. are all paid for. Undergraduate interns are paid at the GS-6 grade level, and graduate interns are paid at the GS-7 grade level on the government pay scale.4 This is pretty good pay for an intern. Like any job the FBI is based on how much education a Applicant has had. Information and assistance on housing is provided by FBI Headquarters. However, interns are responsibl...

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The Fall essays

The Fall essays The being of the book starts and stays with Jean-Baptiste Clamence talking about his life to a another young lawyer from Paris, the young man never says a word in the book other then through Clamence. It starts with him being a young ambitions lawyer and helping people when they have no money and even goes to the point of giving his clients money to start them off again. He then goes on to about a laughter he heard on the bridge it frightens him enough to make him stay away from water as he puts in the book. Then he goes on to talk about how he saw a young woman dressed in black standing on the bridge looking over the side, he said he continued to walk when he heard the splash of a body hitting the water, he goes on to tell that he couldnt move and just listened to the water splash around and the sound going further down the river. He says he feels bad for not doing anything for her but what could he really do, so he went home and forgot about her. The forgetting part is the longest part in the book that Clamence talks about he says it is easy to forget things when you make up your mind to do it. He talks how easy it is to forget the women he has had the clients he has done wrong or even done his best for. The saddest thing is when he speaks of god he is full of contempt for him say that he is unworthy of dying for our sins when he had so many sins of his own. As the book winds down Clamence has the young lawyer come to his apartment to finish their talk it is there that he shows him the stolen painting of the The Just Judges. He talks of he came to hold this painting and how he is waiting to be arrested for having it and being able to defend himself with why he was not turning it in the church. The conclusion of the book ended with him going on about how the young lawyer must come back and see him and how much he would not have changed his attitude in thinking and h ...

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Plain Tour Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Plain Tour - Essay Example Florida Bebidas acknowledges the consumer's freedom of choice, emphasizes its powerful position in its operations, and indicates that production efficiency is subservient to consumer reaction. In order to remain competitive, Florida Bebidas increased its product lines and manufactured bottled water, natural fruit drinks, juices, nectars, flavored alcoholic beverages, and carbonated drinks. Currently, it employs 2.638 people. In contrast to many other companies, Florida Bebidas penetrated different markets such as real estate industry and tourism industry (since 1950s). Today, its three main subsidiaries are in Florida Bebidas, Florida Inmobiliaria, and Florida Capitales. To remain competitive and profitable, Florida Bebidas invests in beverage and bottling industries outside Costa Rica. Florida Bebidas is involved in a vast, complex manufacturing and distribution operation producing a wide variety and assortment of consumers' and producers' goods. This productive mechanism is designed to satisfy a myriad of consumer wants and desires. Complex manufacturing operations are balanced by a complex group of marketing operations. The result is a maze of marketing networks designed to tie the actual and potential demands of the marketplace to company operations.

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Public law (check assingment criteria for details of question) Essay

Public law (check assingment criteria for details of question) - Essay Example the limits of protecting the interests of public at large on the one hand the individual liberties of a certain number of persons who are seen as threats to those interests? Since antiquity, law has been applied to the state itself, as symbolized by the King. The public good is supposed to be the best law. Laws apply to state in order to restrain it. This form of government is called Constitutional government. In an ideal constitutional government, laws are made by the legislature elected by the people, the administration is looked after by the government (the King in historic times) and the judiciary applies law to determine the issues between parties. Laws are public instruments - they are written in statute books. They are made so as to regulate the powers exercised by the state over individuals. However, there are inevitably areas of law in which the public good is considered to be more important than the individual liberty. Such may be the case where the activities of an individual are harmful to the society at large. In such circumstances, the state may be justified in depriving the individual of his liberties. An example of this may be a psychiatrically disturbed person roaming the streets armed with a deadly weapon. He may not see reason, which may necessitate his arrest and detention. If this person is doing this for a political reason, then of course a different yardstick would be applied. Where the government of a state declares an emergency and civil rights of its citizens are suspended, there is bound to be a huge outcry – what was the necessity of adopting such a drastic measure? There are bound to be challenges to the government’s authority to do so, there will be The object of this essay is to examine the conflict between the individual and the state with regard to human rights. The essay will limit itself to the prevalent situation in the United Kingdom. The scenario regarding public security, law and order has changed dramatically after

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The USA Patriot Act as a Threat Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

The USA Patriot Act as a Threat - Essay Example The United States of America Patriot Act was born right after the September 11, 2001 attacks of the terrorist that made a great impact on the government of the United States of America and the whole world. The USA Patriot Act serves as an anti-terrorism act. The Patriot Act was making possible for the America to be united and to strengthen the nation by providing the necessary tools that are needed to interrupt and block the terrorist act. The interruption and obstruction of these possible terrorists' acts are made through the expansion of the law enforcer's surveillance and giving them additional powers and rights to investigate that brought threat to the privacy and democratic tradition in the history of the United States. President Bush had officially signed the USA Patriot Act on the 26th day of October 2000.The Patriot Act gave threat to the millions of US citizens. This is due to the power given to the law enforcers and giving them the right to enter records of the normal inhab itants of the country. The act supports the rights to access the medical records, tax records, and other basic information such as the books you buy, the books you borrowed even without a cause. The Patriot Act also provides the law enforcers the rights to enter your house without the permission coming from you, and make researches without telling the owner for several weeks, months or even not telling you at all.There are several modifications on the act. Some of these are the surveillance laws, the tracking of suspected terrorist, and the capture of those suspected. The modifications includes the dual purpose of the act to give the authorities the rights to intervene in the personal, private and confidential telephone calls, face-to-face communication and communications through the use of computer and together with these is the right for those who are the authorities to the identification and the interception of those suspected as criminal communications. The modifications on the act regarding the telephone calls, whether it maybe a highly personal calls, that really are of the person's privacy context are included, are not hidden for the authorities through checking on the telephone company records of the calls made from an individuals home of to the individual's telephone. Wiretapping as it was called or electronic eavesdropping or the electronic surveillance can be done by the authorities without prior notice. Also, the bank records of an individual, and the deals made are also tracked. Procedures The procedures that are under the modification of the act are the following: the authorities are permitted to pen register and trace and trap orders that are made through the use of electronic communications such as deals done through the electronic-mail or the like the nationwide implementation for pen registers, trap and trace devices, and the access to the communication records and stored electronic mails are authorized the stored voice mail and telephone conversations stored can be treated by the authorities the interception of communications from an intruder or to the intruder inside the computer system by authorities are permitted but with the system's owner's permission the authorities are given the authority to put the terrorist and computer crimes to the offense list protection for the authorities are supported by the Patriot Act the Patriot Act of the USA aims for the foreign intelligence investigators' and the law enforcement's cooperation those who are on the authority and the government personnel, under the Patriot Act are protected for some of the communications privacy violation Protective Measures of the Patriot Act The USA Patriot Act had designed protective measures for the authorities. The protective measures focused on the prevention of the abuse of the given rights

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Bed Bath and Beyond Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Bed Bath and Beyond - Essay Example Porter’s better off test revels that competition at the level of business units defines the ability of a company to achieve a competitive advantage within the larger business environment. This section gives a critical analysis of BB&B’s corporate strategies with a view of evaluation the effectiveness of these strategies in enabling the company to have a competitive advantage within the retail business markets. Diversification through Acquisition Porter’s better off strategy demonstrates that it is through acquisitions that companies have been able to expand their business as a corporate strategy of increasing their competitiveness (Porter 4). BB&B acquired Cost Plus as one of its corporate strategies of diversifying business activities. The acquisition of Cost Plus cost BB&B $ 495 million but this strategy in the long run is proving effective in enhancing the company’s competitiveness (DeTar 1). Cost Plus has given BB&B a higher market position in home fur nishings (DeTar 1). Diversification through acquisition is a concept within portfolio management which has allowed many companies to diversify their portfolios. Diversification of portfolios which is achieved through acquisition allows a company to prevent the risks which are associated with business processes (Misonzhnik 1). Porter in his better off test asserts that acquisition corporate strategy becomes effective is the acquired units are autonomous (Porter 10). In light of this argument, it is illustrated that the acquisition that BB&B made on Cost Plus maintained the autonomy of the business units within the acquired company. The need for autonomy within the acquired units was decided upon by the management of the company so that the costs which are associated with change are avoided. Porter further revels that the autonomy among acquired units must be aimed at ensuring that the employees within the new units are compensated and rewarded in accordance to the performance the uni ts (Porter 10). The Cost Plus units as acquired by BB&B comprised of employees who were motivated for increased performance through performance based rewards and compensation scheme. This is shown by the fact that â€Å"the company plans to hire 35 full- and part-time workers† (Carnopis 1). In return the company has achieved increased performance in the market which justifies its competitiveness within the home merchandise retail business and market. Shared Activities within Value Chains The CEO of Cost Plus pointed out that "Our successful merchandising and product collaborations over the last two years have demonstrated that our organizations work well together† (DeTar 1). The CEO was referring to the collaboration between the company and Bed Bath & Beyond. Porter’s better off test further postulates that when the value chains of activities of a company’s units are shared as a corporate strategy, competitiveness in the business environment is guaranteed. It is therefore through the collaboration between the acquired units and the existing ones that Bed Bath and Beyond is able to achieve increased success and competitiveness within the market. Transfer of Skills The values chains and business units of Bed Bath & Beyond and the acquired Cost Plus have more experienced, talented, creative and skilled expertise. As a result, the company has utilized the abilities of the employees through transfer skills corporate strategy